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June 30, 2022

Thursdays With J.R. – Little Killer Bears

Thursdays with J.R. is our new weekly column from lifelong musician and lifelong-er music fan J.R. McIntire, drummer of Arctic Char and multi-instrumentalist on more projects than we have bandwidth to list.

Mr. Petty said it best.  “The waiting is the hardest part”.  This weeks track “Waiting” by Little Killer Bears wasn’t hard at all.  The song is gentle though full of emotion within the lyrics.  I really like how the song opens up with acoustic and electric guitars intertwining like they can in a beautiful, Americana style groove.  The drums are simple but direct the song train down the track.  The chorus makes you wait, and is over before it begins.  This song also has a guitar solo, and a good one.  I love guitar solos, they just rule when done right.  This one is done right.  I hear shades of older American rockers in the shadows but never fully copied.  I hear Bruce, even Johnny Cougar influencing this song.  What a great name as well, Little Killer Bears, yes!  The song builds to said chorus and solo only to leave you Waiting and hanging on the last note.  This one begs for a second listen or for the next song on the album.  I think I’ll go listen to some more of the tiny savage teddys as this is something I can get into.  Great work from a solid band.

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