Week Ender – Jonathan Young

The Omega to the Week Starter Alpha, Week Ender is the song we want to send you into the weekend with.

When the world turns to shit it’s good to have the escape that is music, and sometimes you want the escape to be a bit more escapist than usual. It is in these times that we praise Jebus (or Hail Satan if you prefer) for over the top metal. Bombastic and soaring and if you buy in: totally badass. Jonathan Young steps up to save the day with “Wolf Within,” a symphonic metal banger that will have you putting your foot up on the office paper shredder like a monitor wedge and throwing horns while you give your voice a workout trying to sing along to the menacing lows and Dickinson-esque highs. Definitely in the wheelhouse of hook oriented metal like Ghost, but with a hint of 2000’s hard rock thrown in. Some music fans can’t get on board with this type of metal, saying that it’s a bit silly, but you know what else is silly? Bowie pretending to be from Mars, Dylan pretending he didn’t steal Woody Guthrie’s soul and Stevie Wonder pretending to be blind (jk – we’re not part of that internet conspiracy, which is an actual thing – google it). Our point is you will enjoy metal, and life in general, a lot more if you buy into things. Take the ride, have fun with it and start here with Jonathan Young.

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