Week Starter – Mystic Peach

Week Starter is our Monday column where we give you a new song to help you get on out of bed & help you power on through the working week.

Hello and welcome to the day that we thought due to things we read online that we could stop quarantining after our bout of Covid, but actually the doctor said we have to keep cooped up for another four days. The internet: not always correct, who knew? So to say that we’re feeling a bit restless and angsty would be accurate and so let us kick the week off with a bit of angsty rock n’ roll. “Ursodfrnt” by UK band Mystic Peach combines classic grunge thrash with a reverbed out oddball jangle that makes it feel like several 90’s alternative sounds rolled into one. Tripping Daisy jamming with Nirvana with a riff from The Melvins thrown in occasionally? We’re in. We are way in.

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