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October 4, 2022

Tuesday Tip-Off: Maffmatix & Ill Bill

One of the coolest things about hip-hop is how easily you can mix variable elements for wildly differing results. Not just what the producer samples and how they stitch it together, but also the combination of different producers with different emcees nudging both into new territory. Take for example producer / rapper Maffmatix and legendary emcee Ill Bill. Both had separate releases just a few months ago back in July that are distinctly different from their new collaboration “Grime Time.” Ill Bill’s July release had a horror rap vibe running through it and Maffmatix’s had a smoothed out jazzy style complete with crooned chorus. With “Grime Time” we see each take several steps toward one another for fantastic results. Maffmatix puts a little grit (and yes, grime) on his delivery and Ill Bill comes across as almost playful rapping over a beat that is reminiscent of something Danger Mouse would do for MF Doom. It’s a balance that works well and makes this track one of our most replayed of the week.

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