The B-Side: Annie Sumi x Brava Kilo

“Chattels” by Brava Kilo & Annie Sumi feels a bit like a reboot of the classic Laurie Anderson model. Abstract spoken word over experimental electronica but with a decidedly fresh feel making it sound youthful and contemporary. Like Anderson’s best work, the disjointedness is balanced by a dominating positive vibe, smoothing the whole thing out. That’s particularly impressive given the story of the song, taken from Kintsugi, a new anti-racist, interactive, multi-disciplinary art installation which reflects on racial identity, healing ancestral trauma, and the fragmented history of the Japanese Canadian internment. “Chattels” is inspired by archival documentation which listed their ancestors’ belongings that were confiscated and auctioned off during that period of time. Heavy stuff, but heavy stuff that makes replaying of the song mandatory as you sit with various items listed and think about what they meant to the families.

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  1. Huge thank you for this write-up, folks! We really appreciate you, and the immense compliment of being likened to Laurie Anderson.

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