Postcard Elba is back from a long and refreshing nap to bring you small, postcard size if you will, posts about the music we dig. New music you haven’t heard yet, people you may have missed the first time around, old favorites you’ve lost touch with and whatever else catches our fancy.

Postcard Elba is run by Postcard Editor who in various past lives has worked as a tour manager for rock and roll bands of varying shapes and sizes, helped run a tiny indie label, booked for various clubs, ran sound for various clubs and for one miserable year worked as a music publicist (it is an awful job and you have our sympathies, any publicists reading this). He has also played in bands since he was a wee lad, including his current reactionary project, the political punk band Beltalowda.

You will also see regular contributions from Mike McAfee, Mike Jeffers and J.R. McIntire. Alumni who may one day return if their schedules clear up include Rebecca Fasman and Postcard ChaCha.

Interested in submitting your music to the blog? Find us on Submithub.

Our privacy policy is that we don’t collect any personal information on those who visit the site. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Browse the site in anonymity or leave us a comment and let us know what you dig, either way, we aren’t tracking you.

Or ARE we?

Nah, we’re not. Browse away.

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  1. Hi!

    I am new as music artist, how do I get you to notice/listen to my songs?


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