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January 19, 2021

Tuesday Tip-Off: Wet Leather

If you’ve been longing for the days of smart, 80’s left of the dial pop rock majesty the likes of Squeeze, Joe Jackson and Elvis Costello and the Attractions, then allow us to introduce you to a strong contender for your new favorite band. Wet Leather give us two tracks that are very much of the now, yet manage to sound like lost hits from that bygone era. These songs feel like meeting someone new for the first time who you’ve also somehow known your whole life. Are we getting metaphysical in this review? Yes, we are, because that’s how good these songs are – they literally put us on another level. Both songs are available on their new Waxworks Vol. 1 release, available here.

January 12, 2021

Tuesday Tip-Off: Irene Wilde

Avant pop artist Irene Wilde dropped an EP (Melancholia) and a full length (Spleen) in the waning months of 2020 that mix confessional lyrics of revelation with minimalist experimental production for a heady combination that turns even the casual listen into a deep dive into another sonic world. As much soundscapes as they are pop songs, quite a few of the songs hit like FKA Twigs as filtered through Bjork’s more adventurous explorations. A segment of pop music has taken a step in this direction due to the success of Twigs (and the more melancholic Billie Eilish songs), but few wade as deeply into the dark and murky waters as Wilde does, and that’s what makes her stand apart. Check out “Aesthetic” from Melancholia and “Blue Leaves” from Spleen below, as well as “balance” the first single off Wilde’s upcoming album PYRRHICAE below.

January 5, 2021

Tuesday Tip-Off: Jonny’s Comp

We lost a good one this week. Jonathan Lee Horne was a well known figure in the midwest music world, from playing in bands to being an ardent scene supporter to his work as part of the Joyful Noise family – he left his mark on many. Joyful Noise has put together “Jonny’s Comp” in his honor and as a way to help the family defray the costs of his hospital stay. There’s a lot of heavy garage, punk and metal on the comp but there’s also poppier indie rock, quieter moments and even electronica influenced jams. Not only something for everyone, but also a testament to how appreciation for Jon transcended genres. Name your own price for the comp here.

December 29, 2020

Tuesday Tip-Off: Frank Lloyd Wrong

Drain the Swan, the latest from Frank Lloyd Wrong finds the band further perfecting their brand of wry, dare we say smart-assed, indie rock and it’s an instantly enjoyable and re-playable ride. Comparisons to Pavement and Silver Jews are warranted, but not just because FLW works a similar sonic template. The songwriting here approaches the same smartly funny and surprisingly touching territory as Malkmus and Berman’s best work. Highly recommended for anyone who was a fan of the so called slacker rock movement of the 90’s.

December 15, 2020

Tuesday Tip-Off: The Earth Satellites

LA’s The Earth Satellites have been perfecting their classic rock influenced sound for years, and such diligence pays off with Feral Hearts. The album is a swaggery mix of Petty, Springsteen and Ocasek with a dash of roots Americana by way of Laurel Canyon. What makes the band stand out from other acts who draw from those same sources is the strength of the songwriting. Band members Rick Wood and Sugar Ransom’s duet “Wounded Heart” could be a lost Petty/Nicks number and “Cold Shoulder” checks so many boxes of what makes a truly great Springsteen song that we’re sure Brian Fallon will be mad jealous when he hears it. If you’re a fan of lyrically driven rock n’ roll this album will feel like a homecoming. Dropping on February 14th, 2021 you can pre-order it now here. Check out “Wounded Heart” and “Cold Shoulder” below.

December 8, 2020

Tuesday Tip-Off: Gentleman Caller

A lot of musicians have been woodshedding during the pandemic, taking the opportunity away from touring to focus on writing and recording, but few have been as prolific as Kenny Childers who recently dropped three, count ’em, three full length Gentleman Caller albums. All three of the albums (Songs From The Roost, AWOL & Iguana) showcase Gentleman Caller’s well established sound; a moody, vibey take on 80’s left of the dial alternative rock and the earliest days of the darkwave pop movement that sprung from the more aggressive and angular post-punk goth scene. Childers talent is crafting songs that invoke nostalgia for that era and sound while still sounding original and relevant to the now. All three albums available at the Gentleman Caller bandcamp.

December 1, 2020

Tuesday Tip-Off: Paul DeFiglia

You may know Paul DeFiglia as a top notch player (Avett Brothers, Langhorne Slim) or a fast rising producer (James Levy, Annie Bacon) but with his debut album In Daylight you’ll discover his talents as a brilliant arranger and world class selector. Bringing together such disparate source material as traditional folk songs, jazz standards and tunes from Beck, Drake and Fiona Apple and making them sound like one cohesive piece is no small feat, but DeFiglia does so in a way that sounds effortless and natural. DeFiglia comes from a jazz background, and with this release he has embraced the ideology of the jazz stylist tradition, bending and shaping this material into something new and signature.

In Daylight is available for pre-order here, and you can check out DeFiglia’s version of Beck’s “Asshole” and the Dock Boggs song “Country Blues” (featuring Scott and Seth Avett) below.

November 24, 2020

Tuesday Tip-Off: Billie Eilish

We know that we don’t normally talk about mainstream pop, but we also recognize when respect is due. Not only do we unabashedly love Billie Eilish‘s music (including this new banger) but we also love her sense of humor, subversive attitude and swagger. Some scumbags on the internet making comments about how much weight you’ve gained? Make a music video of you running around a mall stealing food while singing “Get my pretty name out of your mouth.” It’s every bit as punk rock as when Joe Talbot of IDLES sings “I want to cater for my haters…eat shit” and we (hand clap) are (hand clap) here (hand clap) for (hand clap) it.

November 17, 2020

Tuesday Tip-Off: They Might Be Giants

Rejoice mere mortals, for They Might Be Giants have gifted us with another “Fingertips” style suite of mini-songs. The internet says these are songs TMBG recorded for a Dunkin Donuts campaign, many of which were never used. All we know is that with 28 songs coming in at 18 minutes this thing has more hooks than your grandpa’s tackle box. Enjoy it with a piping hot cup of your favorite stimulant.

November 10, 2020

Tuesday Tip-Off: Heather Trost

Heather Trost has been making the rounds here at Postcard Elba. We covered the first single from her album Petrichor (out now on Third Man Records), the 60’s psych banger “Love It Grows,” as part of our We Never Asked For This segment, and then we included her radical deconstruction of the Harry Nilsson song “Jump Into The Fire” in a Friday 5×5 post. Now we’re officially tipping you off to Trost’s unique vision with the latest single “Tracks to Nowhere.” A slower more expansive song than the previous singles, it still weaves the same kind of magic of Trost and bandmate/husband Jeremy Barnes to create something that feels like radio signals from an alternate universe. All the benchmarks and influences of 60’s underground pop and rock are there, but the way they’re combined and filtered through Trost and Barnes’ songwriting and production creates something that feels a hauntingly familiar and excitingly new.

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