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September 22, 2020

Tuesday Tip-Off: Full Sun

Full Sun recently followed up last year’s wonderful Thinkin About It by dropping an EP of home recordings that are four tasty slices of fuzzed out punk perfection. Catchy, bratty pop songs with the attitude and distortion turned up to 11 and the kind of hooks that make repeated listens compulsory. The band is donating all sales of the EP to Every Last Vote Fund to help fight voter disenfranchisement in marginalized communities. You can check out the video for the first single below and grab your copy of the EP here.

September 15, 2020

Tuesday Tip-Off: War On Women

Unsure of just what you should be doing in response to the current state of all around awfulness? Co-ed, feminist hardcore punk band War On Women has a suggestion. Check out “Wonderful Hell,” the first single off their upcoming album of the same name. Available for pre-order from Bridge Nine Records here.

September 8, 2020

Tuesday Tip-Off: Wife Patrol

After dropping an EP, a single and a series of socially distanced quarantine covers Indianapolis’s Wife Patrol have released their first full length, the inventive genre blending Too Prickly For This World. The album regularly swings from new wave tinged post punk with hooks for days to 90’s grunge / alt rock and straight up metal to quieter reflective numbers. It’s a testament to the band that they’re able to weave such diverse elements into a unified sound that feels both fresh and familiar at the same time. The vocal interplay and harmonies of Nicole and Natasha serve as a common ground for the songs, giving the album a consistent feel while their rhythm work and Greg’s guitar run wild through multiple genres, often within the same song. It’s the sort of thing that on paper doesn’t seem like it should work, but it does, and in a big way. Too Prickly… is an album that would fit on a dozen different genre playlists and that a fan of any style of rock n’ roll can connect to. Available via Bandcamp here.

September 1, 2020

Tuesday Tip-Off: William Elliott Whitmore

William Elliott Whitmore is no stranger to Postcard Elba – in fact some of you might remember his advice column he used to have with us called WWWEWD – but just as we’re back so too is Will with a brand new song “My Mind Can Be Cruel To Me.” The track sees Will exploring a more traditional country sound (hello pedal steel) but his world weary singing and plain spoken poetry are still very much front and center. “My Mind Can Be Cruel To Me” is off his upcoming album I’m With You, dropping October 16th on Bloodshot Records. Available for pre-order here.

August 25, 2020

Tuesday Tip-Off: Deftones

The nu-metal movement that arose to prominence in the 90’s and Aughts is not a favorite of ours, but in every era there is a band that transcends the genre with an undefinable quality that makes them stand out from the pack. The Deftones were that band for that time, and lucky for us, continue to be. They just released the video for the title track off their upcoming album Ohms. The sound remains the same and that is a good thing. No one does atmospheric heaviness better and when you have something as timeless and, dare we repeat ourselves, transcendent you don’t mess with the recipe. Ohms drops September 25th on Warner Records.

Side note, the press release included the line “…have announced their feverishly anticipated album…” which during a pandemic is top notch music publicist tunnel vision. Is it Covid-19 or are you just stoked that Chino and the boys are back? Consult your physician to be sure.

August 18, 2020

Tuesday Tip-Off: Babies In The Bardo

Early Day Miners bassist Jonathan Richardson recently released his instrumental solo debut under the name Babies In The Bardo. The self-titled release is 13 tracks of darkwave synth, bass, drums and drum machine goodness that fills our little goth hearts with happiness, or as close to happiness as is allowed by the goth charter. Originally recorded in 2007-2008 this album has been lurking in the shadows waiting for the right time to give the world the dark nihilistic soundtrack it needed, and if 2020 ain’t the year for that I don’t know what is.

Available in era appropriate highly limited cassette in two color schemes or as a digital download at

December 27, 2011

Tuesday Tip-Off: Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes

Today’s tip-off is the pop-rock of Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes

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December 20, 2011

Tuesday Tip-Off: Self-Help

Today’s tip-off is Self Help, the solo project of Mock Orange and Heypenny member Zach Grace.

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December 13, 2011

Tuesday Tip-Off: The Horns of Happiness

Today’s tip-off is an internet re-release by the Oakland psych-kraut trio The Horns of Happiness.

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December 6, 2011

Tuesday Tip-Off: Tendre

Today’s tip-off is the latest from PE favorites Heypenny.

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