Several of our staff don’t just write about music, they also talk about music. You can check out their podcasts here:

Take These Songs is a podcast hosted by Mat Alano-Martin by and for music lovers and the songs they’re committed to. Guests bring four songs they love and talk about what those songs mean to them. Songs that fall under the categories of: Something Old – a song more than 25 years old, Something New – a song released within the last year, Something Borrowed – a cover and Something Blue – a song they have a strong emotional connnection to.

Half A Cench is a music appreciation podcast about the 50th anniversary of albums from 1972 hosted by Mike Jeffers.

WFHB is a community radio station in Bloomington, IN where Mike McAfee deejays on Wednesday and Friday mornings, 6am – 9am EST. You can listen live through the website.

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