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May 3, 2021

Play Listy For Me – Indie Pop Vol. 5

Play Listy For Me is our column where we share with you all the music we recently talked about in a genre blocked playlist, plus extra bonus songs.

Just popped in to see what’s poppin’ and it turns out it’s the best in Indie Pop. All in one convenient playlist for your Pop and Popop.

April 22, 2021

The B-Side: Anthonie Tonnon

With “Entertainment” Anthonie Tonnon (with help from The Beth’s Jonathan Pearce) gives us a song that blends two great flavors of alternative / indie music of yesteryear. The structure and sensibilities of a singer-songwriter focused underground pop number of the 90’s is tastefully dressed up with the electronica and icy synths of 80’s post new wave. The fact it all sounds as natural as it does is a testament to the arrangements and the quality of the song driving the whole thing.

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