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November 23, 2022

The Midweekly – Archers of Loaf

The Midweekly is our column from Mike Jeffers; lead singer of Chicago punk stalwarts SCRAMmusic junkie and all around righteous dude.

For late era gen x’ers coming into their teen years, looking for a new take on rock music, it was easy to miss out some hidden gems in that alternative movement of the 90s. Maybe you heard their name in passing as an opener for a bigger band, or maybe caught their video briefly on one of those late Sunday night MTV shows. Then 30 years later you hear Archers of Loaf, and damn. The original lineup of these North Carolinians have put out their first record in 24 years. There’s maturity in their sound now, uplifting tunes and somber piano, but still holding onto that youthful post-punk noise of their peak as well. Thoughtful crooning and clever lyrics on the state of society, and the emotions we go through navigating all life’s problems. Never too late to find a cool artist that could’ve inspired your youth, and hopefully they get the band back together to inspire your present.

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