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June 14, 2022

Tuesday Tip-Off: Daughterman

Transparency disclosure yada yada yada – Daughterman is the solo musical project of weekly contributor J.R. Mcintire. This album is being reviewed by Postcard Editor.

J.R. Mcintire has been a busy bee of late. Not only did his group Arctic Char release their debut album at the start of the year, but now just a scant few months later comes Part Deuxde, the second album under his solo brand Daughterman. Whereas the first DM album showcased a diverse range of rock n’ roll styles, this one is a bit more focused affair both sonically and lyrically. The album largely deals with the stresses, insecurities and feelings of being lost in life, but as should be evident from both the title of the album and the opening track – “Never Forget (to remember the ones who never forgot to remember to never surrender)” – Mcintire’s sense of humor is still at play as well. This is most on display in the Bungle-esque “The Scold” where they dunk on anti-vax conspiracy theorists with an assist from SCRAM’s Mike Jeffers (also a PE contributor). Deuxde finds Mcintire still playing with various styles – from full on metal to delicate piano ballads and just about everything in between – but this go round there’s a thread connecting it all and that thread is what keeps pulling you back for repeat listens.

October 8, 2020

Talk Thursday to Me – JR Mcintire

Art by Dahlia Blue.

Today we catch up with JR Mcintire (Arctic Char, Sleepybeard) to talk about staying appreciative in tough times and his new solo project Daughterman and the debut EP Fugaces Nunc.

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