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December 29, 2011

Where the Internet Took Us

Frank Turner and Jon Snodgrass, who are indeed buddies, have collaborated once again and given the world a timely song called “Happy New Year” which you can download for free right here.

May 16, 2011

Where the Internet Took Us

Our buddy Frank Turner has a new album, England Keep My Bones, coming out on June 6th – which you already know if you follow our blog very closely as we’ve mentioned it a few times. What can we say? We’re looking forward to it. Check out the video for the first single “Peggy Sang The Blues” below, and a short documentary film on the making of the new album.

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April 29, 2011

Where the Internet Took Us

Our pal Frank Turner (who has a new album coming out June 6th that we’re very excited about btw) played the Knitting Factory last night and it was live streamed on the internet. Now generally we don’t encourage living in the past, but in case you missed it you can still watch it by going right here.

Frank’s tour continues on and on, check the dates below to see if he’s coming to your hood, although a ton of these shows are sold out – so you’ll have to look super cute and chat up the door guy to get in.

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December 10, 2010

Frank Turner Overdrive – Who Better to Bring Our Blog Back to Life

My rock face. Let me show it to you.

Hey, once again we went off the air for way too long.  Probably because we seem to think that the internet somehow works like a radio signal.  But don’t worry, we’ll get the hang of this thing, we swear!

For your patience and because we’ve been sitting on it for way too long, here’s some photos and a review of our old pal Frank Turner’s show on November 6th, 2010 at Ram’s Head Live, opening for Lucero.  Enjoy!

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July 30, 2010

Frank Turner & Laura Marling @ 2010 Calgary Folk Festival

As promised, here are the final videos from our time at the 2010 Calgary Folk fest.  One final video of Frank Turner and two from fellow London singer-songwriter Laura Marling.  Two covers and one original.  Happy Friday everyone.

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July 29, 2010

Frank Turner @ Calgary Folk Fest Pt. 2


Part two of our video collections from hanging out with Frank Turner at the 2010 Calgary Folk Fest.  Once again, below are three vids.  One from the main stage, one from his side stage appearance the next day and one from the back yard of those lovely Calgarians who welcomed us with booze and kindness.

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July 28, 2010

Frank Turner @ Calgary Folk Fest

Nothing says bad-ass like a tiny texas tattoo

As we noted in yesterday’s Stars post, we haven’t been posting much because we were up in Alberta at the Calgary Folk Festival having a grand time.  Most of the grandness came from hanging out with our old pal Frank Turner and blowing all of our souvenir money on booze.  It was not all for naught however as we captured some sweet video of FTHC.  Below are three vids.  One from the main stage, one from his side stage appearance the next day and one from the back yard of some kids on the north side of Calgary who gave us a party and enough Pilsner and Jameson that we don’t remember any of their names.  Good dudes and dudettes though.

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May 26, 2010

Frank Turner Wants You B-Side Him.

Care to meet me half-way? Photo by danh_photos

British folk-punk troubadour Frank Turner is putting his mouth where his vinyl is.  The B-Side of his latest Epitaph Records single, “Try This At Home”, is up for grabs for some lucky unknown band.  “Try This…” is a rallying cry for a new generation to pick up instruments and tell their own stories, so this contest is a nice extension of that.  Details here.

Good luck to all the artists who enter, and an inside tip – Frank loves ABBA (seriously), so if you can Swede up your entry you just might win.

Frank just finished touring in China (what?) and apparently has no plans of slowing down.  Full world hopping tour dates below.

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