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August 24, 2020

While We Were Sleeping – Coolidge

While We Were Sleeping is our new segment where we check out releases that we missed during our lengthy hiatus. Today’s catch up is “The 5 Best Songs In The World” by Coolidge.

Gotta love the hyperbole of this EP’s title, but we would expect nothing less from Coolidge, a band that has always combined wry humor with great songwriting that blends rock and ska with undeniable pop sensibilities. Coolidge’s earlier releases put more emphasis on singer/guitarist Chris Smail’s penchant for Joe Jackson style of smart 80’s pop (especially their excellent sophomore release “Pop Star Baby”) but those instincts still shine through on T5BSITW’s much more ska flavored songs. Most of Coolidge’s members were in the much beloved third wave ska/rock/funk/party band Johnny Socko and this release is very much in the spirit of classic Socko. As they say distance makes the heart grow fonder, and this visitation to their old sonic stomping grounds has us smitten.

Check out all the Coolidge releases here:

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