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August 19, 2022

Week Ender – Mike Adams at His Honest Weight

The Omega to the Week Starter Alpha, Week Ender is the song we want to send you into the weekend with.

It’s always cause to celebrate when Mike Adams At His Honest Weight release new music, and that day is upon us. So go get your celebrating pants and festive hat and turn up “Tie-Dyed & Tongue Tied,” the first single off the upcoming album Graphic Blandishment. It’s everything we love about MAAHHW (which is coincidentally the most fun acronym to say aloud, especially in a weird voice): an undeniably hooky indie rocker with pop smarts and Adams’ trademark earnestness that feels real and organic, not affected and put on. Simply put, Mike and the boys make some real good songs, and this one ranks as one of their best.

August 17, 2020

Where The Internet Took Us

Miss live shows? Us too. Ease that ache with this newly surfaced full set from Mike Adams At His Honest Weight at 2019’s Subculture Shock in Bloomington, IN.

December 28, 2011

Where the Internet Took Us

Very student-art-film video for the gorgeous song “Sunrise” by Mike Adams At His Honest Weight surfaced today on the internets. Enjoy.

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