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June 10, 2011

Postcards – Memory Map Tour Diary Pt. 5

Our pals Memory Map were out on tour, and have so graciously agreed to document their color coded adventures for us.  The fifth entry comes to us from Mr. Blue, Mike Bridavsky – who sent in tiny, tiny, tiny images for this entry. So bust out those comedy magnifying eyeglasses – because you may need them.

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December 24, 2010

Rearview Mirror: Patrick

Fine…you’re a funky giraffe then. Sheesh.

Bonus Christmas Eve post because you’ve all been so good this year.

Check out the music year in review from our buddy Patrick – lead singer of the late and great Tremendous Fucking.  He may not be screaming in your face these days, but he still loves the rock and roll and he loves his brother Rick.  Take a gander at the sweet mix CD he made for his number one brosef and for a brief moment pretend that you too are part of their Family O’ Rock.

The mix is heavy on local bands, and so as our Christmas gift to you we found a video for every local band included and inserted it into the post.  Everyone except Hard Candy Hearts, who are too handsome to be captured on film.  It was almost impossible to find videos of the specific songs Pat picked, but you will still get the idea.

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