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January 13, 2022

Thursdays With J.R.- Death Hags

Thursdays with J.R. is our new weekly column from lifelong musician and lifelong-er music fan J.R. McIntire, drummer of Arctic Char and multi-instrumentalist on more projects than we have bandwidth to list.

This week I was lucky enough to spin the new single “Spiral” from the Death Hags. It’s a dreamy yet driving song that leaves you wanting more. (Luckily there is a great deal of Death Hag content on their Bandcamp if you feel the way I do, and you will). I always go in drums first, its my curse. The drums are dry and tight with a driving four on the floor beat that never lets up or gets too busy. When you expect
large hits of treble laden cymbals they simply aren’t there, the mix gives that honor to the reverb-
soaked vocals who nail the part. The vocal mix is front-forward and pleasing to the ear (especially in
headphones). Guitar is spot on tone wise and muted when pertinent. Nothing really goes over the
edge, just gets to the ledge, and begs the ear for the next track. Leaves you wanting more. The bass
mixes well (synth or analog) and keeps the drive on the road and keeps it smooth. (Don’t worry I car tested, had to with all this driving talk. It passed). Gave me east coast shoegaze vibes yet differentiates itself with the driving drums and bluesy guitar. This was my first spin of the Death Hags and I will be back.

January 6, 2022

The B-Side: Morning Eagle

You know, sure, the pandemic has been “bad” overall but let’s not overlook the good parts. Like how many a musician squirreled away in their home studios to mine some gold out of all that free time. Nick May did just that with his Morning Eagle project and what an upside it is. 90’s style melodic guitar driven alternative rock? Yes, please. If you loved early Smashing Pumpkins, Failure and bands of the like you will be as into this as we are. We’re into this like the nose of a responsible person is in their covid mask. All the way in.

January 3, 2022

Mike’s Monday Muse – The Specials

Mike’s Monday Muse is where friend of the blog, roots DJ, house show organizer, Bloomington Music Expo czar and all around nice guy Mike McAfee picks one song a week to share with the people.

The Specials (UK national treasure) interpret 12 tunes by Leonard Cohen, Bob Marley, Talking Heads, Staple Singers, and others on their 2021 release, Protest Songs 1924-2012. This Frank Zappa cover is a thumper of a rock jam.

April 20, 2021

Tuesday Tip-Off: Smash TV

Lo and behold, what is this sound we hear? Why it’s the fabled head on, not fucking around and not getting tripped up by the trappings of niche sub-genres, capital r Rock n’ Roll! Oh how we’ve missed you old friend. Smash TV‘s “Gutter Blues” is a pedal to the metal drag race with the drums, amps and vocals wide open and pointed straight toward the finish line. Wave the checkered flag of our heart, this one is a winner.

January 8, 2021

Friday 5×5

Friday 5×5 is our segment where we give you five new tracks to check out and give ourselves the challenge of describing said tracks in only five words. 

Today we have new music from Radar Gold, Waltzer, Doppler Radar and The Local news, The Mommyheads and Poolside (with DRAMA).

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