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March 28, 2022

Week Starter – Jodie Langford

Week Starter is our Monday column where we give you a new song to help you get on out of bed & help you power on through the working week.

From “Radio Radio” and “Don’t Believe the Hype” to “Television, the Drug of a Nation” and “Kill Your Television” there’s a long proud tradition of artists pointing out the manipulative nature of mass media. Northern England spoken word artist Jodie Langford joins that lineage with “TV Or Not TV” a mix of tinkling piano and breakneck glitch beats that focuses on the way TV targets the young and the negative fallout of it. From the social critique and defiant lyrics to minimalist arrangement there’s a hint of Sleaford Mods here, but Langford makes this her own by spitting fast and precise and with passion.

February 2, 2021

Tuesday Tip-Off: Allen Ginsberg

Beat poet Allen Ginsberg‘s The Fall of America: Poems of These States 1965-1971 gets the musical interpretation treatment in honor of it’s 50th anniversary, and his words remain as powerful, poignant and funny as ever. Some of the tracks feature different artists speaking Ginsberg’s words, and a few even craft them into more traditional song structures, but for us the tracks where it’s audio of the man himself reading his works over new musical compositions is where it’s at. Ginsberg wasn’t just a game changing poet (Howl, anyone?), he was also a great orator, one whose natural rhythm is in the DNA of the words he wrote. The album is a benefit for and features Yo La Tengo, Shintaro Sakamoto, Angelique Kidjo, Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo, Handsome Family, Devendra Banhart, Andrew Bird and many more. The digital version of the album drops this Friday with a CD and vinyl release slated for June. You can pre-order your preferred version here.

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