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August 17, 2011

Where the Bus Pass Took Us

While homebodies by nature, we do regularly muster the single malt courage to go out into the world and experience music in the flesh, and we document these excursions in Where the Bus Pass Took Us.

Last night we found ourselves at the Bluebird for the Panic Strikes a Chord, Heypenny and Tommy and the High Pilots show, and we were thoughtful enough to shoot some video for your enjoyment.

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June 3, 2010

Throwing Stars @ The Bluebird

Greater than our bitterness.

“Battle of the Bands” is a concept we do not care for.  We don’t like the idea that a wide array of wildly different styles of music can be judged against one another in any kind of logical manner.  Elliott Smith vs. Iron Maiden vs. Tom Waits vs. Public Enemy vs. Muddy Waters vs. The Clash.  Which one is the best?  Which one is better than all of the others?  Please be descriptive in your answer, and of course, show your work.

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