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September 11, 2020

Friday 5×5

Friday 5×5 is our new segment where we give you five new tracks to check out and give ourselves the challenge of describing said tracks in only five words. It is also a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reference because we have good taste.

Today we have new tunes from Bob Mould, Opus Vitae, James Tilman, The Hives and French Mouth.

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April 6, 2011

We Never Asked For This – Sheetah et les Weissmuller

We Never Asked For This is our short review of a band who thought (or their label/manager/agent/girlfriend thought) that it would be a good idea to send us an email saying “like me! like me! like me!” (more or less).

Today’s blind submission comes from France and the freakbeat garage rock revivalists Sheetah et les Weissmuller.

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